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Zhongshan Brite Day Coating Raw Materials Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Zhongshan Gang Sui Holdings. Zhongshan Brite Day Coating Raw Materials Co., Ltd have its own R&D , production and trading chemicals all under one roof . Our professional technical staffs have  accumulated more than 19 years of experience in producing PU resins for the printing ink industry , our sales of PU resins has been the market leader for many years in China  , with our  advanced technical production processes  , which makes our printing ink raw materials  the quality benchmark recognized within the printing ink industry , and we are the largest PU resins manufacturer in China with nearly 50% market share in China  .

To meet the market ever growing demand , we have invested RMB 1.5 billion into a new manufacturing plant named Zhongshan Ming Yi Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd  ,with an area of 30,000 square meters , and production capacity of 120,000 MT/year which will be completed and come on full stream by early 2021. The new plant will be using the latest technology for planning and production . For safety , fire prevention and environmental we have fulfilled the highest standard and regulations set by the state government and thus production will be fully automated and at the same time reduce waste disposal to the environment. The new plant will consists of an office with  6 storey high building, a main engineering building ,with two Class A warehouse , two Class A production buildings , one Class C warehouse and other facilities .

In terms of management , we have adopted the  TQC, Total Quality Control  system under the ISO 9001:2015  using latest information technology to manage raw material supply, production, warehouse ,finance, and business all under Yonyou system which will elevate the level in purchasing ,production, warehouse , sales , finance  and after sales service in order that each level and department involved can carry out their tasks smoothly so that , logistics , capital can flow to their respective targets under our management . We will also be using the CRM, Customer Relationship Management which will make business conducted in an organized manner, prompt responds ,  professional manner  to satisfy our customers requirements.  Our production site will be equipped with the best computer controlled system and our laboratory will be installed with analytical equipment such as Gas Chromatography (Agilent Technologies , USA)  , Gas Chromatography -Mass Spectrometer ( Thermo Scientific, USA) , K Printing Proofer ( H.J. Unkel  Germany )  ,heat sealing machine , tension meter are from local supplier  .

Around 40% of our employees are technically trained in their respective profession fields , with new development work and keeping abreast of new trends in the ink market , we have kept ourselves as the leading position  in the ink industry .  With the changing environment and globalization , Zhongshan Brite Day Coating Raw Materials Co., Ltd and Zhongshan Ming Yi Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd will continue to serve the ink market with innovative products , and its full of energy spirits to serve customers , old and new , both domestic and abroad with the highest standard can achieved .

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